Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Akshaya Trithiya

'Atchayam' - Growing without becaoming empty.The third day of the lunar fortnight, which is called 'thritiya'. Thus the properous day ' Akshya trithiya '. Like any other thidhi we celebrate the trithiya of the growing phase of the moon. Many Indian women worship the Godess Lakshmi on this sacred day. Many of our puranas reveal prosperous instances that took place on this day.
The siddhas are said to move about the universe and bless the people. Its said that its good to perform charity on this day. There are certain rituals that have to be followed on this day. One should take oil bath and worship God and do some charity. Performing libations to our departed ancestors is considred to be fruitful on this day. It is believed that wealth will increase if one keeps money in the pooja and worships on this day.
Puranas say that it was on this day that Lord Krishna bestowed kuchela with boudless wealth when he came to meet him. Astronomers say that this is the day on which the sun and the moon are the brightest. This is also an auspicious day to start new ventures and purchases. Its also believed that if a person buys small amount of gold and keeps it in the pooja and wears it on this day, it will accumulate all throught the year. Its good to gift clothes and fruits on this day.

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