Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Sphinx of Giza

The Sphinx is the greatest monumental statue of Egypt. This historic symbol is located at Giza near Cairo. In fact it is the national symbol of the country. It is the mammoth monolith of a lion’s body with human face. This statue is about 4500 years old and measures close to 73 mts long and 20 mts tall.

The face of the statue represents the face of Khafre, the ruler of Egypt. The word Sphinx is a Greek word. This means the goddess with a female face with a body of the lion and wings of a bird. However the Sphinx of Giza is a small correction with a King’s face and a lion’s body. According to the Egyptians the Sphinx represents power and might of their king.

Egyptians had quarried large quantities of lime stones to build temples and tombs from a hill and the balance portion of the hill was itself converted to the Sphinx. The Sphinx as it is made of limestone deposit is susceptible to erosion. The Sphinx often remained buried under sand hills for longer periods and was restored every now and then. However, one can say the frequent burials are for good for it had prevented the statue from eroding away due to the sea breeze.

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