Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Taste Buds

Anyone who is extremely fond of sweets is called sweet tooth, though the teeth does not identify the taste. Rather, its the tongue that does this function. The tongue is the most important organ which is wholly muscular and without any bones inside. It moves tactfully between the teeth without getting trapped. The granular lumps on the surface of the toungue are the taste buds having hair like fibers at the top ends. They get activated when we chew our food. They send impulses to the taste center in the brain which identifies the taste and helps us relish our food. The taste buds do not get activated if the food is dry or solid. Only when moistened wit saliva they are identified. The nose works in conjunction with the tongue in identifying the taste and relishing the food. the sensory nerves in the nose too send impulses to the brain and helps enhancing the pleasure of tasting and relishing food.

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